Three Live Your Best Phone Life

In the third iteration of its ‘Life Needs a Big Network’ brand platform, Three UK understands that the lives we live through our phones have never been more important – they’re our wallets, doctors, financial advisers and personal trainers.

This multi-channel campaign is currently running across TV, VOD, cinema, radio, OOH, social and retail to tap into all the ways customers consume media and highlighting the benefit of having the UK’s Fastest 5G Network.

The campaign launches with a 60-second TV spot, directed by Somesuch director Raine Allen-Miller, director of critically acclaimed feature film, Rye Lane.

‘Live your best phone life’ can mean something different to everyone. For some, it might be cooing over photos of your grandchildren, for some, it may be streaming your favourite football team, for others, it might be listening to that favourite nostalgic tune on loop.

Carol looks at phone text in white behind her reads Awwwww
Group of people gathered around phone white text in front of them reads Goooooaaaalll!!
Male listens to music on phone white test in front reads Tuuuunnneeee