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There’s a reason Wonderhood’s churn rate currently sits at just 7% (against an industry average of 32.4%). It’s down to our culture; our focus on creativity, the way we work, and how we look after our people.

When Alex, Aidan & Jess founded the Advertising Studio in 2018, they did it in the belief that you can create a world-class creative agency whilst still looking after your people. They have managed to do just that. Six years on, the agency has created award-winning work for big, global brands like Nike and down to smaller, charity projects like The Soup Kitchen. All the while, the agency’s core value of Care has remained at the heart of it – caring for ourselves, each other, our partners and the world around us.

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Wondering how to get into advertising?

But not sure where to start? Need a bit of guidance on what all the different departments mean, and which one might be right for you? Or simply need some advice on how to get your foot in the door?

Reach out to us via our WonderShip initiative,, and a member of the team will get back to you. We can help demystify what working in the industry is like, shed light on the ways we got into advertising and chat through questions you can’t find the answer to online.