Belazu Chef-grade ingredients for your kitchen

Following a major rebrand and repositioning, Belazu launches a new creative platform to show how their chef-grade ingredients are born to serve discerning chefs in every kitchen.

With standards as high as the chefs they serve when it comes to sourcing and creating ingredients, Belazu know better than most what it takes to be a top chef: the craft, restless creativity and obsessively high standards.

The campaign runs across digital, press, audio, and BVOD and depicts how true food enthusiasts can elevate every dish to chef-grade standards simply and easily with Belazu products.

bottle of olive oil
Newspaper ad

The film, directed by HBLOCK at Time Based Arts, uses real-life hand-written notes from chefs to bring to life the precision and creativity that goes into being a top chef, and the detailed process of creating a new recipe using.