Three Gogglebox

As part of its return, Three UK launched a new sponsorship campaign focused on the various ways we use our phones whilst watching TV.

The campaign is a follow-on from the work Three UK launched in 2022, based on the staggering stat that 90% of us are ‘second screeners’, scrolling through our phones whilst watching TV.

The new suite of idents brings this behaviour to life through a series of new relatable mobile moments played out by four British families watching Gogglebox on a Friday night. The spots were directed by Rosie May Bird Smith and feature the famous Craig Crash voiceover for the first time.

two men sit on reclining sofa chairs, one scrolling on their phone

In 2024, Three UK’s partnership with Gogglebox entered its fourth year and has seen huge success, reaching more than 43 million people (nearly 75% of all adults). Recognition of the idents has grown to 72%, considerably higher than the category norm, and consideration amongst Gogglebox viewers has increased by 8%.

couple sits on a sofa watching TV, the wife taking a phone call while the husband looks on annoyed

Three UK’s latest insight-led campaign around phone behaviour perfectly complements the Gogglebox approach that captures the mood of the nation through TV. The new creative premiered on Channel 4 ahead of the new series of Gogglebox and is also visible across all Gogglebox series available on Channel 4, E4 and All 4.