Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood Shaping Us

The Centre for Early Childhood aims to raise awareness of the extraordinary impact of early childhood on both the individual and wider society.

“Shaping Us” is a long-term campaign which aims to transform the issue from one of scientific interest to one of the most strategically important topics of our time, launching with a short film which shows how babies and children develop in response to their earliest experiences.

The 90-second claymation film shows how a little girl named Layla develops from pregnancy to age five and how she is shaped by her interactions with the people and environment around her. It follows research highlighting that only 17% of the public recognise the unique importance of the 0 – 5 period compared to other stages of life, even though this is a time in which 90% of our brain growth happens.

The visual identity has been created with the aim of speaking to the adult, conscious not to trivialise the well-researched foundations of the campaign with overtly cute, soft and primary cues. Instead the design is considered, sophisticated and elegant but not traditional. Careful consideration was made when expressing through motion. The origins of which evoke a sense of growth, development and progression and are conveyed through smooth, calm and elegant movement.

Tiled up images and typography
Film and Graphics on Piccadilly Circus digital billboard
Billboard in leeds