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Devil’s Advocate tells the epic, stranger-than-fiction tale of self-proclaimed international movie mogul and businessman turned criminal defence lawyer, Giovanni di Stefano, who claimed to represent some of the most notorious criminals on the planet.

“The Devil’s Advocate looks deep into Di Stefano’s backstory over three riveting parts”

The Times

“The three-parter tells his story with Hollywood flair which is entirely suitable for such a big character.”

Daily Mail

Baby Surgeons: Delivering Miracles


This emotionally charged documentary series follows pioneering surgeons as they perform extraordinary operations on babies who are still inside the womb, saving lives before they are born.

“Pain and joy always go hand-in-hand at hospitals and so it’s natural that a series depicting them would follow suit – Baby Surgeons did so with the utmost respect for its subjects”

The i

“Extraordinary and emotional”

Daily Mirror


The Times

My Grandparents’ War


My Grandparents’ War is a powerful and dramatic series where leading celebrities explore the role their grandparents played during World War Two.

“Helena Bonham Carter’s My Grandparents’ War was inspiring, moving, humbling and arguably her most important performance to date”

The Times

“Mark Rylance’s film is deeply moving and shocking tale, brilliantly told”

The Guardian

Trump in Tweets


Trump in Tweets examines Donald Trump’s love affair with social media. Using his tweets, this documentary tells how Trump, the man who served one term in office as President of America, came of age on Twitter. From a technophobe to a serial tweeter revealing the impact of his social media on US politics and across the world.

“This documentary charting Donald Trump’s love affair with Twitter has brilliant access”

The i

“Critic’s Choice: This is a disturbing film about media manipulation”

The Sunday Times

Heat Magazine

Heston's Marvellous Menu: Back To The Noughties


In this entertaining and emotionally powerful documentary, celebrated chef Heston Blumenthal takes his world-famous restaurant back to 2001 as restaurant critic Giles Coren challenges him - and staff past and present - to recreate an extraordinary tasting menu from a significant year for him and The Fat Duck.

“Packed with nostalgia and emotion, the programme […] reveals how [Blumenthal] and his food both shaped and mirrored recent British history”

The i

“Entertaining and emotionally powerful.”


“An enjoyable romp”


Inside The Balmoral: Scotland's Finest Hotel


Inside The Balmoral: Scotland’s Finest Hotel offers viewers a privileged peek behind the stylish curtains of one of the most elegant institutions in the UK. Since its grand opening in 1902, the establishment has entertained celebrities, prime ministers, and royalty for over a century.

“The four-part series offers viewers a privileged peek behind the stylish curtains of one of the most elegant hotels in the UK.”

The Telegraph

“This fly-on-the-wall series reveals all.”

Daily Mail

Covid: Our Lockdown in Shanghai


As COVID-19 spreads from Wuhan, to Shanghai, and eventually the world, this is the intimate, true story of one apartment block, in one city, living through one of the most dramatic events in world history.

“A dizzying array of topics so timely that the word “timely” doesn’t quite cut it […] the doc’s muted color scheme [is] emblematic of all the life and energy that is missing from the world”

Indie Wire

Summer on the Farm


Alan Titchmarsh, Angellica Bell and Amanda Owen join British farmers getting our fruit and veg to shops – overcoming a reduced workforce, unprecedented demand and extreme weather in the most extraordinary year.