Soup Kitchen Homeless Christmas Dinners

For vulnerable people across the UK, Christmas doesn’t mean a home-cooked meal or a big roast with family.

That’s why we teamed up with Soup Kitchen to create ‘Homeless Christmas Dinners’: an emotive photography series featuring 10 beautiful but solemn and harrowing still-life photos which reflect the make-shift meals homeless people eat at Christmas time.

Baked bean tin on a plate

All the meals are based on real-life experiences, garnered from conversations with regulars at Soup Kitchen London. They serve as a marked reminder that the sumptuous Christmas dinners advertised aren’t a reality for the hundreds of thousands of homeless people in the UK.

Homeless Christmas dinners
Homeless Christmas dinner
Homeless Christmas dinners

Follow the link to donate towards The Soup Kitchen and support all the amazing work they do to help those in need.